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Today, Ivory Tower usually describes a metaphysical space of solitude and sanctity disconnected from daily realities, where certain idealistic writers and artists dream and even some scientists are considered to reside. In Iliad (XIX.560) two kinds of dreams are distinguished, as they exit from the realm of Morpheus: true dreams exit through the Gate of Horn, and false dreams through the Gate of Ivory. 

Virgil put the image succinctly:

“There are two gates of sleep. One is of horn, easy passage for the shades of truth; the other, of gleaming white ivory, permits false dreams to ascend to the upper air.”  (Aeneid VI.893-896)

Our vision is to ascend to the highest ideals of design for our valued clients.

Our mission is to provide attractive design that will enhance the business uniquely. We will achieve this with imagination, enthusiasm, creativity and good, honest hard work, understanding that deadlines are important to all.

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